Exporting from Haptrix

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Haptrix supports multiple export formats

Export to *.AHAP File

The default option Haptrix supports is writing to AHAP files directly, these are the files which are supported natively by iOS. You can optionally pretty print the output so that you get nicely formatted JSON

Export to Web Vibration API

Mobile Browsers like Chrome support the Web Vibration API, by using Javascript you can play a basic version of a Core Haptic file


Export to Swift Code

Haptrix can also generate pure Swift code for your Haptic, whilst it is easier to use a AHAP file, sometimes you may wish to write code

Export for Game Controllers

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense and Xbox Series X Controllers support Core Haptics, this export option allows you to export setup code to run you Haptic Experience.If you connect a controller to your Mac, you can use run on device just like an iPhone to feel the vibration.Multiple controllers can be connected at once.