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Use an Apple Computer

To use Haptrix, you need to use an Apple Computer

Internet Connection

To download Haptrix, you need an Internet connection

Disk Space (10MB)

The installed size of Haptrix is about 10MB, so you need to have at least that on your computer. Then if you want to save files, *.AHAP files are typically a few kilobytes each.

Use macOS (minimum 10.15)

We support macOS 10.15 as a minimum installable version, this will change over time as never version of macOS come out.

iPhone (minimum iPhone 8)

If you want to test your Haptics on an iPhone you will need an iPhone with a Taptic Engine, this can be found in iPhone 8 and greater.

Game Controller

If you're testing Haptics on a game controller, Haptrix supports PlayStation 5 Dual Sense, and Xbox Series X controllers